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Date de création : 12.06.2013
Dernière mise à jour : 12.10.2013
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Choi game avatar 222 tren ?ien thoai di dong

Publié le 25/07/2013 à 10:40 par gamegautruc Tags : you animal

My Avatar is the game of online social networking category and it will always hold the # 1 spot so far . When players participate in games such as Avatar are living in a virtual city , the population was friends across the country . If you are interested in the game lightly , to have moments of relaxation after hours of tension , the game will be the first avatar of your choice 1 . Known to many in the past and now it is still a game loved by many young people . A game farm with many attractive features are waiting for you to discover . It is amazing is not it ! Therefore, after the summer break , BQT continuously updated version of the event and to the gamers could possibly have more opportunities to conquer new things than the game . Discover gameavatar 222 version - the latest version of the offline game avatar now ! Download free Avatar . You can Download Avatar the computer and play with my friends - It would be great - this latest version of Avatar ( Avatar 222 ) has been updated and fix all the bugs in the game . So you can have peace of mind and Download Avatar to your mobile phone !

Here are a few pictures of the avatar 222 :

game avatar 222

avatar 222

game avatar 222

When Choi game avatar 222 tren dien thoai as we are living in a virtual city , players are able to express themselves , make friends , express feelings , creating personal diaries . Avatar Games also intrigued by raising activities , fishing , and farming , as well as entertainment activities accumulate points by playing mini integrated players like checkers, chess , all the more so ...

game avatar 222

Check out the guide below download game avatar 222 to be playing soon .

To download game avatar 222 SMS :

Compose SMS: TG 215698 send 6086

To download the free direct you click on the following link:

+Game Avatar 222: Download avatar 222 Version: : .JAR|.JAD “HOT HOT 2013” +Game Avatar 222- Android phones: City magic: .apk “HOT HOT”

+Game Avatar 222- iPhone: City magic: : .ipa “C?C HOT”

Terms of animal health , shopping , beauty , care farms with Game Avatar okay . Here are the fastest update for the latest version of you .

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